Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike follow-up

Well, that was interesting. Thankfully we're all fine and our house is undamaged. The prospect of being without power for an extended period continues to suck, to put it bluntly. 90 degree weather, near 100% humidity, and no air conditioning or refrigeration. On the plus side, my university still has power and AC. On the downside, they've disabled access (card keys) to most buildings and water service (i.e. sanitary plumbing) is spotty on campus.


Brad Holden said...


I am glad to hear you guys are fine.
I will pass it along to other, non-blog reading folk (who are,
for the second time this year, in
southern NM).

Felicia said...

Hope you get power back soon!

Anonymous said...


It's good to hear that Rice and everyone weathered the storm well. Was the campus damaged at all?

My comment last week about weather in the Midwest being better came back at me in the form of 75 mph winds on Sunday...

Douglas Natelson said...

We're incredibly fortunate - our power came back on yesterday morning. We had a big potluck for some of our faculty colleagues with little kids who don't have power. The campus had minor damage - trees, mostly. The big challenge now is the university's desire to start back up when the vast majority of its faculty and staff have no electricity and no childcare; according to the Houston Chronicle it could be another ten days before schools re-open. The undergrads seem fine, and the grad students seem to be doing ok - they're a pretty resourceful bunch.

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)