Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ahh, the Gulf coast.

You know, I lived the first twenty-nine years of my life without having to pay close attention to stuff like this.


Anonymous said...

Enviro-whiners awesomely piss and moan about Gulf Coast eutrophied anoxic zones eliciting massive fish and other kills to 20 miles from shore and down to the sea bottom.

500-year Corn Belt flooding flushed the Mississippi watershed of excess nitrate and phosphate. A few modest hurricanes stirred up and dispersed anoxia. No problem.

Fill in Louisiana swamps, plant oil palm, harvest 635 gal/acre of biodiesel vs. 18 gal/acre for corn. 10.5 billion gal/year from 50% area planted is 21% of US diesel burned in 2006. Make summer rainstorms work *for* you.

Douglas Natelson said...

Al, with all due respect, give it a rest.

Anonymous said...


I'm not dreading the upcoming Midwest winter as much right now as Ike is giving me flashbacks to Rita. I hope that you and everyone else at Rice is safe and weathers Ike okay.

Is your lab still on the 2nd floor at least?

Brad Holden said...


Good luck to you guys, stay as dry as possible!

Douglas Natelson said...

Thanks guys. Jason, I've got stuff on the 3rd floor and in the basement. I'm less worried about water than I am about wind and the potential for prolonged power loss. Weeeee.

Jackson said...

Thank you..