Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Updated: CM/nano primer - aggregated posts

Here is an updated and slightly reorganized (since 2017) listing of posts I've made over the years trying to explain some key concepts in condensed matter and nanoscale physics.  Please feel free to suggest topics that should be added. 

What is temperature?

What is chemical potential?
What is mass?
Fundamental units and condensed matter

What are quasiparticles?
What is effective mass?
What is a phonon?
What is a plasmon?
What are magnons?
What are skyrmions?
What are excitons?
What is quantum coherence?
What are universal conductance fluctuations?
What is a quantum point contact?  What is quantized conductance?
What is tunneling?

What are steric interactions?
(effectively) What is the normal force?
(effectively) What is jamming?
(effectively) What is capillary action?
What are liquid crystals?
What is a phase of matter?
About phase transitions....
(effectively) What is mean-field theory?

About reciprocal space....  About spatial periodicity.
What is band theory?
What is a "valley"? 
What is a metal?
What is a bad metal?  What is a strange metal?
What is a Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid?

What is a crystal?
What is a time crystal?
What is spin-orbit coupling?
What is Berry phase?
What is (dielectric) polarization?

About graphene, and more about graphene
Why twisting materials is interesting

About noise, part onepart two (thermal noise)part three (shot noise)part four (1/f noise)
What is inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy?
What is demagnetization cooling?
About memristors....
What is thermoelectricity?
What are "hot" electrons?

What is a functional?  (see also this)
What is density functional theory?  Part 2  Part 3

What are the Kramers-Kronig relations?
What is a metamaterial?
What is a metasurface?
What is the Casimir effect?

About exponential decay laws
About hybridization
About Fermi's Golden Rule


paradox said...

Here is something I grapple with. Religion defines God a certain way but when I observe nature I can see that what appears supernatural fits to the evolving theories of physics.
#God everybody wants to own the correct definition of the Ineffable. Here are a few thoughts:

Acumentate said...
… What is quantum coherence?

Matter (diffraction)(interference) suffers Hund's paradox versus thermodynamics. A molecular beam of all right or all left "shoes" must diffract to give equal numbers of both in the exit pattern. This both mandatory and easy to a factor of 10^(-36,000)/second. Somebody should look,