Sunday, February 10, 2019

More brief items

Some additional interesting links:

  • Another example of emergent universal behavior, as it is demonstrated that runners at the start of a marathon seem to collectively obey hydrodynamics, like a fluid.
  • The Voices of the Manhattan Project oral histories effort has a large number of interviews online.  It’s important for posterity that these were recorded before everyone involved is gone.
  • Maybe massive open online courses were not, in fact, the end of the traditional model of higher education.  Who could have foreseen this?
  • There are people arguing that the preprint arxiv model is a good path toward opens access.  This is definitely something I like, especially more than models involving authors paying thousands of dollars to for-profit publishers for open access journals.


Anonymous said...

I like the Plan U proposal to mandate all papers be deposited on a preprint server so as to ensure universal access to scientific literature. I would extend it further, however, to also mandate that any such papers also deposit data and/or codes.

Anonymous said...

Before publishing pontifications about the future of education, I suggest Science run a spell checker.