Thursday, February 28, 2019

APS March Meeting 2019

Once more, it is that time of year, when (mostly) condensed matter physicists gather in ever-increasing numbers to give and watch talks, network, try to get cool swag at the tradeshow, and generally grouse about the poor quality and high price of convention center coffee.  The March Meeting this year is in Boston for the first time since I've been going 2012.  (Strangely, I was unable to find a list of all the March Meeting sites online.  Perhaps a reader knows the last time the meeting was in Boston.)  It's my third and last year as a DCMP member-at-large, so it will be interesting to hear what comes up at the business meetings this time.   As I have done in past years, I'll do my best to write up some of what I see and give my impressions of the conference, though I may be more concise compared to previous years.


Anonymous said...

Previous one in Boston was 2012.

I tried to compile a list of previous cities, partly based on memory, partly on

1994 - Pittsburgh
1995 - San Jose
1996 - St. Louis
1997 - Kansas City (MO)
1998 - Los Angeles
2000 - Minneapolis
2001 - Seattle
2002 - Indianapolis
2003 - Austin
2004 - Montreal
2005 - LA
2006 - Baltimore
2007 - Denver
2008 - New Orleans
2009 - Pittsburgh
2010 - Portland
2011 - Dallas
2012 - Boston
2013 - Baltimore
2014 - Denver
2015 - San Antonio
2016 - Baltimore
2017 - New Orleans
2018 - LA

Douglas Natelson said...

Thanks! Wow - somehow the 2012 meeting completely slipped my mind. That's really sad, since I blogged about it here and in the subsequent two posts. I will edit accordingly.

Anonymous said...

the executive committee membership (following your link) omits your name. You should have them correct this

Douglas Natelson said...

Anon@5:03pm, this morning they updated the page. Technically my term on the executive committee ends at this meeting, so they've already dropped off the names of the people rotating off in the next couple of days.

MisterBee said...

The 1999 March meeting was in Atlanta. I remember because it was the Centennial meeting.