Monday, March 14, 2016

APS March Meeting 2016

It's that time of year again, when a bit under 10,000 condensed matter/materials/polymer physicists gather in a meeting that is now 1.7 times as large as it was when I first started going to these things.   This year the festivities are in Baltimore, and as I've done in the past I will try to give some snapshot of bits that caught my interest (though my session attendance is of course partly driven by my group's talks).  If there are particular things my readers think I should see, hopefully they will point them out in the comments.  If you are at the meeting, I encourage you to stop by the Cambridge booth at the exhibition and pick up some copies of my book as gifts for your friends.


Ross H. McKenzie said...

Hi Doug, I would like to hear whether superconductivity at 200 K in sulfur hydrides is holding up to more experiments.

Douglas Natelson said...

Hi Ross - I have heard nothing to indicate any issues, but I also don't know about other groups' experimental efforts. I'll see what I can learn.