Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Workshop: Negotiating the Ideal Faculty Position

For the last few years I have been involved with Rice's ADVANCE program, a NSF-supported initiative designed particularly to increase the number of women faculty members in the sciences and engineering.  This FSP recent post reminded me that now is the right time to advertise ADVANCE's upcoming workshop on negotiating the ideal faculty position, and this blog is one way to reach a wide audience.  Potential participants need to apply, since space is limited.  (Last year there were 1100 applications and 65 slots.)  View this as a way to practice a job talk in a friendly, constructively critical environment, and to discuss issues that come up in the faculty job hunt (e.g., how the process works; picking letter-writers; lab space + startup packages).  This is a way to talk to knowledgeable people in yours and related areas who are not your mentors or direct potential employers.    


DanM said...

For a while, Rice had female Deans of science and engineering at the same time. I wonder if we are the only institution in the nation to be able to say that. And, in fact, those two individuals were the ones responsible for bringing the ADVANCE program to Rice. I think we can justifiably brag about that.

Uncle Al said...

...increase the number of women faculty members in the sciences and engineering. When did gender become a metric of competence?

"Diversity" means no Asians, no Jews. Discrimination is admission based upon objective evaluation. Conflict resolution is stealing what cannot be earned.

The only acceptable tenured faculty encompasses sexually harassed Spanish-speaking Black lesbian single mother intravenous drug addicts with AIDS doing the Macarena in a wheelchair.

JasonD said...

I almost ruined my monitor with coffee after the thought of Doug and DanM doing the Macarena for tenure!

DanM said...

The phrase "not even wrong" for some reason springs to mind. Not you, Jason.