Friday, December 22, 2006


This is my first introduction to silly blog games, which I suppose shows that I don't blog too much, since it's taken this long. Anyway, I've been tagged. In this game I'm supposed to grab the nearest book, go to page 123, go to the fifth sentence, and write down the next three sentences. Then I'm to tag three more people, presumably ones that I think will play the game. Hmm. Well, on holiday break the nearest book to me right now is The English Assassin by Daniel Silva. Here are the sentences:
He screamed at the room service boys when they didn't bring his coffee quickly enough. Soon the entire staff and most of the guests at the Hotel Laurens knew about the crazy Boche writer in the attic. On the way to Paris, he had stopped at the airport in Nice, dropped off the rented Mercedes, and collected a Renault.
As for tagging, I suppose I'll go with Rob, the Incoherent Ponderer, and the Female Science Professor. (Wolff, Bernie, I'll get you some other time....)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving link to the female science professor blog... It is curious that she prefers to hide her identity. That makes her credibility questionable, to say the least. Does anyone know who this person might be, if she is indeed a "full professor at a large research university" as she claims to be? She seems to have a lot of free time to blog for "a full professor at a large research university" since she has entries almost every day. Quite funny

NONE said...

I just happen to know that Female Science Professor is her actual real name. Just like I am Incoherent Ponderer and you are "anonymous" (by the way, I saw you post a lot of stuff on other blogs, all under the same name, where do you get the time to do that?!).

Seriously though, she doesn't post much at all, compared to other people. A post every couple of days, most very short? Even if it's a post a day, as you claim, it shouldn't take much more than a few minutes to type up.

I am always amazed when people question how others spend their time - I rarely met anyone who can keep up 100% efficiency for more than a few hours at a time. Average efficiency of an average person is somewhere around 10-30%.

Her posts, by the way, are very funny and very interesting. I like her blog a lot, especially as she seems to be angry at someone or something most of the time. So when she says something she REALLY means it.

Because she blogs about stuff she probably can't talk openly, it makes her blog entertaining, but also why I understand her need to conceal her identity. Why should it matter anyways? You want to meet her in person?

Douglas Natelson said...

Why on earth would the Female Science Professor not be who she says she is? I agree with the Ponderer's comment about her blog. I do think that some of the things she ascribes to sexism may really be manifestations of age-ism, though. Depending on how I dress, I can still pass for a grad student, and sometimes that can be very enlightening in terms of peoples' attitudes in environments like conferences.

Anonymous said...

Incoherent ponderer,
Doug knows who I am, doesnt he? I just do not want to use my real name here for a few reasons. That is all.
As for the female science professor, she could be a custodian at Berkeley physics department for all we know, right? I mean, I read a few of her entries and there was no inside scoop or whatsoever that I already did not know. She is posting things all graduate students know. You have to be cynical when it comes to internet especially if you did not meet the person in real life.

Anonymous said...

I'm very skeptical of the statement that Doug could pass as a graduate student. No way. Now, that guy who rides around campus on an old bike decorated with flowers, that would be a more reasonable claim. Or, maybe, Ambassador to the UN. Yea, he could pass as that.

Douglas Natelson said...

Dan - aren't you the same guy who, together with me, got carded last spring at an Astros game while buying beer?

Reputation Managers said...

I am always amazed when people question how others spend their time - I rarely met anyone who can keep up 100% efficiency for more than a few hours at a time.