Saturday, June 14, 2014

750th post - blog demographics

This is the 750th post since this blog's inception.  Fun facts gleaned from google analytics:

1) Unsurprisingly, the US leads in blog hits over that time, with 270,648.  In second place, the UK with 26,698.

2) According to google's tracking, over the last nine years there have been hits from every country in North, Central, and South America, as well as Europe.  In Asia, the only countries with zero hits are Turkmenistan and New Guinea.  In Africa, I'm missing about a dozen, basically the sub-Saharan region plus Somalia. 

3) In the US, the state with the least hits is South Dakota (84 visits over nine years), narrowly edging out Wyoming (88) and Alaska (91).   The states with the most hits are Texas, California, New York, and Massachusetts.

4) Most common browser, by a wide margin, is Firefox, followed by Chrome.  I like the idea that someone has read the blog on a PlayStation 3, and someone else on a PlayStation Portable.  Disappointed (and showing my age by that fact) that no one used lynx or emacs.  

5) Most-viewed post of all time was the meme contest.  Most-viewed physics posts were these on plasmons and polarons

Thank you all for reading!


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Now that you've given links to the most viewed articles, you're going to have a very skewed demographic when you decide to blog about it at the next big milestone.

Douglas Natelson said...

Anon, I did think about that, and decided that it's already skewed, in part b/c google gives preference to pages that have been linked and viewed many times before. Basically google's pagerank algorithm is driving a positive feedback loop. If this blog was someplace like Slate, NatGeo, or SciAm, and had thousands of readers all the time, these effects would probably be lessened.

rob said...

I am tempted to configure Lynx on a computer for you and visit your page. While I am at it, it would be fun to use Pine and Mosaic too.

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Grayson Ryke said...

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