Monday, July 13, 2020

Quantum Coffeehouse and other physics videos

Who doesn't need more videos to watch these days?

Erica Carlson has started a new Quantum Coffeehouse video series, including interviews with practicing physicists (including yours truly).  She had also presented a "Great Course", "Understanding the Quantum World".

I'm also a fan of Physics Girl.  I really liked her recent video with supercooled sodium acetate.

Minute Physics is truly outstanding, including their look at N95 masks and how they use electrets to gather and trap polarizable particles.

Andrew Dotson is reliably funny and insightful.

For the musically inclined, acapellascience is engaging, including their particularly timely William Rowan Hamilton.

I also have to plug my colleague Jason Hafner's channel, which netted him an on-screen appearance in the new movie Palm Springs.  Also making an appearance in the movie is Jim Freericks' edx course, Quantum Mechanics for Everyone.


Anonymous said...

This is a good course in quantum optics.

Peter said...

If we're talking coffee and physics and videos, one has a video of an aluminum coffeepot taken with neutrons, which I saw here:

The caption there: "Alfonso Bialetti, the inventor of "Moka", was born #OnThisDay 132 years ago. The iconic design of this octagonally-shaped aluminum-made coffee pot has made it to the permament collection of the MoMA The Museum of Modern Art. I pay tribute to Bialetti reposting a video taken by A. Kaestner at the ICON neutron beamline at PSI. (NB: you see coffee brewing inside the moka because neutrons are absorbed more efficiently by hydrogen and oxygen (coffee) than by aluminum (the moka body)). Enjoy! ☕️"

Ali said...

Tech Ingredients on YouTube is easily one of the best scientific channels I've seen. After seeing their consistent high-quality content, most other scientific videos seem superficial in comparison.

Applied science is also very good.