Tuesday, April 16, 2019

This week in the arxiv

A fun paper jumped out at me from last night's batch of preprints on the condensed matter arxiv.

arXiv:1904.06409 - Ivashtenko et al., Origami launcher
A contest at the International Physics Tournament asked participants to compete to see who could launch a standard ping-pong ball the highest using a launcher made from a single A4 sheet of paper (with folds).  The authors do a fun physics analysis of candidate folded structures.  At first, they show that one can use idealized continuum elasticity to come up with a model that really does not work well at all, in large part because the act of creasing the paper (a layered fibrous composite) alters its mechanical properties quite a bit.  They then perform an analysis based on a dissipative mechanical model of a folded crease matched with experimental studies, and are able to do a much better job at predicting how a particular scheme performs in experiments.  Definitely fun.

There were other interesting papers this week as well, but I need to look more carefully at them.

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