Thursday, March 29, 2018

E-beam evaporators - recommendations?

Condensed matter experimentalists often need to prepare nanoscale thickness films of a variety of materials.  One approach is to use "physical vapor deposition" - in a good vacuum, a material of interest is heated to the point where it has some nonzero vapor pressure, and that vapor collides with a substrate of interest and sticks, building up the film.  One way to heat source material is with a high voltage electron beam, the kind of thing that used to be used at lower intensities to excite the phosphors on old-style cathode ray tube displays.  

My Edwards Auto306 4-pocket e-beam system is really starting to show its age.  It's been a great workhorse for quick things that don't require the cleanroom.  Does anyone out there have recommendations for a system (as inexpensive as possible of course) with similar capabilities, or a vendor you like for such things?  


Amit said...!index.php

Worth every dime.

Douglas Natelson said...

Thanks, Amit. Leybold does make nice gadgets. Out of curiosity, how many dimes are we talking about? :-)

Amy Elizabeth and Amelia Grace said...

I got the predecessor to this about a decade ago:
The software was problematic, the hardware was fine, and it was about 20% less than a Lesker system at the time. Mine was a beta version, and presumably the software issues are better.