Friday, April 01, 2016

Interacting Quantum Systems Out of Equilibrium - Workshop at Rice

The Rice Center for Quantum Materials will be hosting a workshop, "Interacting Quantum Systems Driven Out of Equilibrium", at Rice University in Houston on May 5-6, 2016.

  A central challenge of condensed matter and atomic physics today is understanding interacting, quantum many-body systems driven out of thermal equilibrium.  Thanks to recent advances in both experimental and theoretical techniques, this is an exciting, active area that is seeing new emergent results.  The Rice Center for Quantum Materials is hosting a workshop that will bring together the diverse community of researchers examining the various facets of the nonequilibrium quantum many-body problem.  Experimental systems include:  quantum materials driven by electronic bias beyond the linear regime; optical pump/probe methods to examine dynamic and steady-state nonequilibrium response; ultracold atoms in response to quench conditions and probed with far-from-equilibrium spectroscopy.  Theoretical issues include: coherent many-body dynamics; many-body localization; Floquet states and dynamics in driving potentials; and thermalization/dissipation with driven quantum dynamics.

  For more details, including a speaker list and draft program, please see our website.  Attendance by students/postdocs from traditionally underrepresented groups is encouraged.

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