Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Some quick cool science links

Here are a few neat things that have cropped up recently:
  • The New Horizons spacecraft is finally getting close enough to Pluto to be able to image Pluto and Charon orbiting about their common (approximate, b/c of other moons) center of mass.
  • The Moore Foundation announced the awardees in the materials synthesis component of their big program titled Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems.  Congratulations all around.  
  • Here's a shock:  congressmen in the pockets of the United Launch Alliance don't like SpaceX.
  • Cute toy.
  • The Fields Medal finally goes to a woman, Maryam Mirzakhani.  Also getting a share, Manjul Bhargava, who gave the single clearest math talk I've ever seen, using only a blank transparency and a felt-tip pen.


Unknown said...

Hi Natelson,
As a science student this links will be useful for me.Thank you for sharing!

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Loved the Toy video :)