Monday, July 14, 2014

My Nerd Nite talk - video

I mentioned back in February that I'd had the chance to speak at Nerd Nite Houston (facebook link - it's updated more frequently than the website).  It was a blast, and I encourage people in the area to check it out on the last Thursday of each month, location announced on the page, though so far they've all been at Notsuoh

Thanks to the fantastic videographic efforts of Jon Martensen, the video of my talk is now available on youtube here.  The talk is about 20 minutes and the rest is the audience Q&A.   All in all, a very fun experience - thanks again to Amado Guloy and the rest of the Nerd Nite folks for giving me the opportunity.

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sanchit said...

Great post man just wann say that eid mubarak to all of you for eid mubarak greetings