Friday, April 04, 2014

A video interview for an online nano course

Two of my colleagues (Dan Mittleman and Vicki Colvin) put together a Coursera class this past year, "Nanotechnology:  The Basics", and as part of that they interviewed several Rice faculty about different bits and pieces.   They spoke to me about nanoelectronics, but the conversation ended up ranging into a discussion of hype in science and the importance of communicating to a general audience.  The video is now up online here, and the hype/science presentation discussion starts at around 18:38. 


Jaylin said...

Thank you for the link. It really gave me a time to re-think about the way I should deliver the physics (nanotechnology) to our students, let alone with the general audience.

Judy Schramm said...

Good one about is informative..