Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vanity journals: you've got to be kidding me.

I just received the following email:
Dear Pro. ,
Considering your research in related areas, we cordially invite you to submit a paper to Modern Internet of Things (MIOT).

The Journal of Modern Internet of Things (MIOT) is published in English, and is a peer reviewed free-access journal which provides rapid publications and a forum for researchers, research results, and knowledge on Internet of Things. It serves the objective of international academic exchange.
Wow!  I feel so honored, given my vast research experience connected to "Internet of Things". 

The publisher should be shamed over this.  This is absurd, and while amusing, shows that there is something deeply sick about some parts of academic publishing.


DanM said...

I got that one too. What are "internet of things" anyway?

mke said...

Clearly, things are not looking up.

rob said...

looks like it isn't up and running yet. there is no current issue or archives. they are listed as "coming soon."

plus they didn't spell "access" correctly on the home page.

some elaborate 419 type scheme?

Zach said...

I'm quite certain I've heard of this journal before -- certainly I've heard the phrase "Internet of Things" in the past.

I am also amused, looking at the editorial board, that UNC-Charlotte is now located in New Caledonia.

Massimo said...

I am sorry, my friend, this is nothing but a cheap imitation of the one and only International Journal of the Internet of Things, to which I am proud to say I have been invited to contribute...

Heumpje said...

It seems like there is an actual idea behind it (not saying this makes good on a dumb email):

I get regular invites to publish in journals where my actual research would not fit (bio-things, micro- electronics things etc.). I agree that at first this email seems hilarious, but there is an internet of things :)