Friday, February 05, 2010

The arxiv blog: a good idea gone awry?

When it first began, I was impressed with the arxivblog.  The anonymous authors did a good and remarkably prompt job of surfing the preprint archive, and posting interesting tidbits, on essentially a daily basis.  Moving to the Technology Review website seemed like it could only be a good thing.  Larger readership, greater outreach to a scientifically literate audience, etc.  Now I have to wonder.  The arxivblog frequently seems to feature theory preprints that are rather far out (alternative theories of gravity; exotic quantum entanglement interpretational issues), and doesn't always make clear just how speculative some of these are.  Moreover, it seems that many of the comments, particularly on these more speculative topics, are, umm, not informative.  So, is the purpose of the arxivblog to showcase exciting new science (which is what the Technology Review usually does), or is it to be "gee whiz"/quantum sure is weird/nanobots-will-save-us-all entertainment?


Uncle Al said...

Friday, February 05, 2010
Doped Graphane Should Superconduct at 90K

graphite to Lewis acid intercalated graphite (stacked isolated graphene sheets) to hydrogenated Lewis acid intercalcated graphane.

Perhaps Crabtree's catalyst with a less basic nitrogen ligand would intercalate, hydrogenate, and dope all together. US Pat. 4224458 for alternatives. Graphite also intercalates Lewis base reducing agents like lithium metal (lithium batteries). Hydrogenate that, then redope.

If you don't like gaseous hydrogen, ammonium formate will get you there. Ditto borohyride and a hydriding transition metal - intercalate with (square planar) Ni(II) then have at it with (a crowned cation or phase transfer cation) borohyride. NaBH4 is a pussycat. LiBH4 is vicious as soon as you crack the bottle.

If you need an aspirin, you get a chemist.

gs said...

I liked the arxiv blog but, what with one thing and another, hadn't looked at it for a while. Your post surprised me and I went over there.

The Drake Equation for the Multiverse

Good grief.

flashgordon said...

I go there for the far out stuff that doesn't get posted on regular science news websites(physor and nanowerk are my main science news websites; i usualy don't go to university libraries to check out the latest Nature or Science magazines - unfortunately).

My problem with the Arxivblog has been that it doesn't give those rare far out stuff all the time; most of the time, it posts some weird economics ecology, sociology stuff.

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