Friday, December 25, 2009

Arxiv articles I should read

Some recent arxiv articles that I really should find the time to read in depth:

arxiv:0809.3474 - Affleck, Quantum impurity problems in condensed matter physics
Ian Affleck has revised his (rather mathematical) Les Houches lecture notes about quantum impurity problems (typically a single impurity, such as an unpaired electron, in contact with some kind of quantum environment).

arxiv:0904.1933 - Cubrovic, Zaanan, and Schalm, String theory, quantum phase transitions, and the emergent Fermi liquid
This is a Science paper related to my earlier post about the connection between certain quantum gravity models and condensed matter theories.

arxiv:0912.4868 - Heiblum, Fractional charge determination via quantum shot noise measurements
Heiblum is a consummate experimentalist, and this article in honor of Yoseph Imry looks like a great review of this area, particularly recent insights into the subtleties that happen with temperature and bias.


sayanapuram manigandan said...

in case of room temperature superconductivity what will be the meterial metal or insulator, semiconuctor

Douglas Natelson said...

I think it's safe to say that any room temperature superconductor will, above its critical temperature, conduct electricity.

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Jackson said...

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