Friday, October 16, 2009

Ahh, Air China

Posting from International Check-in at Beijing International Airport....

I was actually supposed to get home last night, but Air China had other plans.  At least I have quite the story out of it.  I'd originally booked a 2 hour 45 min layover in Beijing, figuring that would be plenty of time.  However, our Hangzhou-Beijing flight was delayed 2 hours.  Then, the pilot made two go-arounds at Beijing, very bumpy (cue the airsick bags and retching noises from fellow passengers), each time getting w/in about 30 feet of the ground, before giving up (due to high winds, I guess), and we diverted to Tianjin.  In Tianjin they kept us on the plane on the tarmac out at the end of their runway for close to 4 hours.  At least the AC worked there.  They ran out of water, and then orange juice.  Finally, they refueled and flew the plane back to Beijing, arriving only 8 hours late.  At least I wasn't alone (two other americans on the flight in the same situation as me), and Air China did, after some convincing, spring for a hotel for the night.

Clearly the simplest possible explanation for this is that I'm destined to make some universe-shattering discovery in the future, the echoes of which are rippling backward in time to try to prevent my return to the US. 

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