Friday, September 25, 2009

AAAS and advertising

I've received three pieces of fundraising advertising from AAAS in the last two days via US Mail.  This makes me wonder about a few things.  First, in this day and age, why can't they get a mailing database set up that can tell that Douglas Natelson and Dr. Douglas Natelson at the same address are actually the same person? Second, do they really think that I pay a lot of attention to bulk-mailed fundraising appeals? Third, how much money are they spending, how much energy is consumed, and how much pollution is generated in sending out these tree-killing mailings, when they claim to be environmentally conscious and already have my email address as a subscriber to Science? Fourth, this many appeals in one week smacks of desperation - is there something we should know? 


Uncle Al said...

The difference between racists and Liberals is simple. Racists finance snit from their own wallets. Liberals have a god-given right to plunder your wallet and take a cut as their reward.

Douglas Natelson said...

Al, what is the deal? Either keep comments germane, or I'll delete them.

Uncle Al said...

A professional society declaims its social activist mission lacking only the contents of my wallet. I am outraged by ACS Project SEED and its obscene exclusion of ability based upon race. The AAAS misdirects my dues to proselytize the mob on a mission of futility and expense chits.

Rather than foster brilliance we allocate for its suppression. We drug it, we counsel it, we starve it, we banish it. The Los Angeles Unified School District 2008 had 694,288 students. 40% dropout rate, CAPI IQ of 91 for graduates, more than 90% non-White. Ignorance has carte blanche.

A four story high school variously called the Edward R. Roybal Learning Center, Belmont Learning Center, Vista Hermosa Learning Center, Central Los Angeles High School 11, or the City West project cost LAUSD $1 billion to construct (100% minority contractors). Perhaps the architect had a small Lego set,

Social activism is the confluence of overwhelming ignorance with overweening arrogance. It is appetites of the Offically sad demanding unlimited feeding from tables of the productive. It is diversity matriculating morons, by law.

My comment was germane, and is. What of civilization when rule of the disempowered and their beneficent shepherds exults the Officially Sad to universal apotheosis while the tab fully eviscerates those whose objective qualification is apostasy.

The next ARM reset is mid-2010, every bit as large as that in 2008. From whose chattels and retirement funds will the next incident of bad luck find interim financing? Call 911, get a busy signal. Be prepared to be generous in your giving - for there are people in need of what keeps you alive.

Schlupp said...

Doug, look, I installed Opera, now you have another animal in your browser zoo.

Jackson said...

Thank you..