Saturday, August 01, 2009

Chemistry vs. Physics blogging

Interesting. The pseudonymous Kyle Finchsigmate at The Chem Blog just gave some stats about his blogging. He gets something like 6000 unique visitors a day, while I get about 150. Admittedly, we have rather different styles (pseudonymity makes it easy to write with more, umm, gusto, and to slam lousy papers openly, both of which probably make his blog have more broad appeal), and there are a lot more chemists out there than condensed matter physicists. Still, the factor of 40 is a bit intimidating.


NE1 said...

It's always comforting to get the right dimensions.

Steve said...

.. and you probably have another factor of 40 more than me (I do not know how to check my stats yet)

sam said...

i'm a chemist, and closer to the 150 mark.

Uncle Al said...

Uncle Al's homepage gets a strange compote of overseas .mil and .gov domains. Go figure.

DanM said...

Hey, your readership exceeds mine by a factor of approximately 1/0, so stop complaining.

Unknown said...

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