Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nanoscale, the book

No, I have not compiled my blog postings into dead-tree format. Nor have I finished my textbook based on my graduate nanoscale physics course sequence. Instead, I wanted to point out this book, which is a cute volume with lots of computer-rendered pictures of crystal structures and the like. It's an admirable attempt to give the reader a sense of the atomic-scale composition of materials, along with brief, informative, often fun descriptions. While there are a few minor typos that seem to be caused by autocorrection run amok, the book remains entertaining and educational, with very well crafted illustrations. The book has its own website, too.


DanM said...

When they license the movie rights, who's gonna play you?

Damian Synnott said...

Bought this book off amazon a few weeks ago and the author does a great job of explaining everything in a very interesting way. I like his little personal comments on the various materials too.

Tobias said...

Oh, and I was halfway up the stairs to congratulate you on your book when I saw the headline :)

Are you anywhere close to completion, Doug?