Saturday, May 09, 2009

Star Trek

I saw the new Star Trek movie last night, and it was extremely fun. Great special effects, with nods to all the appropriate elements of the original series. I also loved the score - Michael Giacchino rocks. (Sorry for the wiki link - his website seems to be down.) Sure, the science can be goofy, and the plot has some flaws, but somehow it really felt like old-school Trek in all the right ways.


Uncle Al said...

Thus a maximal temporal countdown running for young Mr. Spock entering pon farr in a sequel. If Scottie redux wears a kilt... he's Hot Fuzz buttered toast.

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie, didn't like it, and won't recommended it.

It not only ignored many laws of physics (black holes "sucking" everything and simultaneously being wormholes), but because it seemed very dumbed down.
Even at summer action movie standards, there were so many plot holes and false dilemmas (is Kirk really going to die to that monster, or is Scotty really going to die in that tube?) to be intellectually insulting.

I preferred Picard to Kirk.

Two good reviews I recommend people read:

Unknown said...

I was entertained, but I could certainly have done with a bit less of the lens flare (or glare or whatever it is called). JJ Abrams uses this on the show Fringe, but it is much more subtle and much less frequent. Other than that, a good popcorn flick with just the right amount of nods to the original Star Trek.

Karrasko said...

This are good news. I haven't seen it ans I must say that I was not very confident about it, but now I know I'm in good hands. Thanks!