Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a helpful suggestion

If you're a new equipment vendor at a major conference (say, the March Meeting), don't hand out ballpoint pens so cheap that they run out of ink after less than a week of minimal use. That quality control doesn't exactly inspire confidence. (I know the pens are made by some cheap third-party vendor, but come on....)


Anonymous said...

(hands Doug a pen) Here ya go. And by the way, could you sign this contract please? Oh, don't worry, it's just uh,... red ink, yea that's it. go ahead, sign.

Revathi said...

I know this feeling- I have a draw full of these pens that dont write but one doesnt know what to do with. There was a pen that came with an ACS subscription that was really good and wrote very well for so long that I was sad to see it dry up. Now you know what to do if you need a ball point pen that actually writes.

Anonymous said...

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