Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Colbert on science policy

This was very funny. For those not in the US, my apologies that the video doesn't work. It's Stephen Colbert talking about science policy under the Bush administration and then interviewing Chris Mooney.

This article in the NY Times was also very good.


CAN said...

I am happy to comment on a posting that 1) I wouldnt have seen w/o your blog and 2) that I understand. The "restore science to its rightful place" was, of course, the best line in the inauguration. Colbert, however, may be our next president.

Would have preferred to leave an insightful about polarons but am not sure how they differ from positrons. Would have liked to comment on the NSF's internet issues but when I was there last June, I actually saw someone shopping online and at the time commented that "at least they werent looking at porn".

Douglas Natelson said...

Hi Carolyn - Thanks. Positrons are the antimatter versions of the electron. They have charge +e, spin 1/2, and if an electron and positron get together they annihilate and spit out gamma rays.

I'd be willing to bet that the rate of illicit internet use at the NSF is no worse than in the Army or at any Fortune 500 company.