Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Outside shot

Since the President-Elect has not yet named his science advisor (though his transition team has named point people, and the nominee for Secretary of Energy has impeccable credentials), I thought I'd point out another crucial way that I would fit in. Sure, I'm under 5' 8" tall, but I can (sometimes) shoot; as some of my college friends can attest, I won a gift certificate in undergrad days by sinking a shot from the top of the key at a women's basketball game halftime promo. (For the humor-impaired: I'm not really in the running to be part of the Obama administration.)


Anonymous said...

Ok, Vicki is very skeptical. You'll need to figure out if you are taller than Janet Napolitano, and then maybe we can talk.

Unknown said...

Down with height-ism!

Andrew said...

Looks like John Holdren is going to be the science advisor, though I heard a rumor that you were the runner up.