Saturday, April 07, 2007

Palate cleanser

Alright - after all of the recent seriousness, this blog needs a palate cleanser. How about a few fun links? For example, comic book artist and animator Neal Adams has some, umm, intriguing ideas about geophysics, such as the notion that the earth expanded greatly in diameter in the last 70 million years or so. Oh, and it's not just the earth. Mars, too.

I also recommend some Tom Lehrer music videos, if you haven't seen them before, like this, this, and this.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for all the Tom Lehrer links; his Lobachevsky is also fun; here is an audio of the same (mp3).

Anonymous said...

How about doing something like this the next time you have to present data?

CarlBrannen said...

Check out "A New Theorem" by this group.