Monday, March 05, 2007

Thoughts from the APS March Meeting

I would live-blog the APS meeting, except that the wireless connection at the Denver convention center is completely dysfunctional. I saw some nice talks today after arriving here, but I'll save science until tomorrow. For now, a couple of remarks:
  • $2.97 for a cup of coffee? Seriously?
  • What is the deal with the recorded laughter that plays on the escalator up to Exhibition Hall F? Is it supposed to put me in a good mood? It doesn't - it creeps me out. Escalators aren't supposed to be jolly. They're supposed to be escalators.
  • There are now a large number of vendors selling cryostats that get down to 100 mK, and at least two cryogen-free models. Maybe Oxford Instruments will be forced to adapt now that they have real competition.
  • Overheard in Bush Airport on the way here: "I'm a dentist, and wait 'til you hear about my alternate use for KY jelly!"


Luis Gregório Dias said...

One good thing so far: temperatures in the 50's. And this is Denver. In March!

Unknown said...

That escalator laughter was definitely creepy. I am pretty sure the convention center added that just for the APS since they know all of us nerdy physicists are used to being laughed at.

The incredible number of new cryosystem companies was the first thing I noticed during a quick 5 minute walkthrough of the expo. Oxford may finally be forced to reduce/eliminate their notorious "bone me fee" (an eloquent term coined by an anonymous Rice professor that keeps a nanoscale blog).

Anonymous said...

on sunday, in addition to the tutorials, there was an event for children complete with clowns at the convention center. that's when i first heard the laughter. yes, it's creepy, kind of like a clown. but kids have a different criteria for creepiness. so maybe they just forgot to turn it off?

Anonymous said...

Just want y'all to know, the weather here in Houston is still gorgeous. The mountain views, however, leave something to be desired.

Douglas Natelson said...

Bernie - your explanation makes a lot of sense, particularly since the food vendors sell a beverage that tastes almost, but not exactly, unlike tea.