Sunday, April 09, 2006


I recently found out that I'm getting tenure. Hooray!

It is strangely anticlimactic, and I think I know why. When you get your PhD, it happens at a well-defined moment. There's a defense, applause, a document that gets signed, etc. Tenure is much more diffuse. Months ago I submitted my "package" - my CV, some representative reprints, a statement of my research results and plans, etc. My department then sent out for external letters, and eventually had a vote of the tenured faculty on my case, as well as that of a couple of colleagues. The whole thing then got pushed forward to the dean's level, and eventually to the university's promotions and tenure committee. Fall turned to spring. Eventually I heard back positively, meaning that I got a letter telling me that in another month the board of trustees will give this there seal of approval, and then as of the next fiscal year (July 1), I'll be an associate professor. So you can see that the tenure transition is much more adiabatic, if you will. Day to day, nothing changes, though it's certainly nice!

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Jason Deibel said...


Congratulations on tenure! I feel better now about that preliminary congratulations I gave you last fall!
- Jason Deibel