Friday, September 18, 2009

Ahh, KLM.

Stuck in Schipol, forced to fly back to Houston via BRE-AMS-DET-IAH, since mechanical difficulties cancelled my early BRE-AMS flight (thus causing me to miss my AMS-IAH direct flight).  The other AMS-IAH direct flight on their schedule is really just a psychological torture device, since it's really a charter that's 100% business class and un-bookable except as a cash purchase (which would set me back $4K on top of everything I've already paid).

Could be worse.  There was another guy on the original BRE-AMS flight that got involuntarily rebooked through Paris.  After hanging out at the Bremen airport for four hours, he got to have his BRE-Paris flight also cancelled due to mechanical difficulties.
At least the workshop was extremely good.


Peter Armitage said...

I remember having the Geneva to Schipol leg of my Geneva-Schipol-SFO route canceled a few years. Instead of an almost great circle route, it left me with a Geneva-Schipol-IAH-SFO slow boat through the tropics, but with the time change still enough time to make a conference dinner in Palo Alto. That was a long day. Ulffffffffff.

Gary Brewton said...

It's spelled Schiphol.

descendent said...

I checked in at Schiphol 1.5 hrs before my scheduled KLM flight. Instead of a boarding pass, I got a "Please talk to customer service" which meant waiting in another line for another hour. When I finally got to talk to someone, they said the flight was full already (sure, after you put me in this other line...). After waiting another 2 hours, finally found out I could get on a flight home, but with a 6 hour layover in Detroit. Longest day of my life.